Writings about James Duesing

Cartoons, The international Journal of Animation.  Hyperanimation, Digital Images and Virtual Worlds.  An interview with James Duesing, by Robert Russett.

Linda Dubler, High Museum of Art, Atlanta, Curator of Film.  Program notes from the Southern Circuit Tour

Sites that reference James’s Duesing’s work and ideas about animation.

Building Movement Cooper Hewett Object of the Day: An interview with animator James Duesing by Susan Brown.  Click Here

Creative Capital — Biography Link — Tender Bodies Article

Ars Electronica — Maxwell’s Demon Article — Award Recognition

Step into the surreal, unnerving world of James Duesing’s animations.  by Curt Riegelnegg.  Click Here

Animate Projects Computer Baroque — Maxwell’s Demon Overview

Art review: James Duesing’s Artist of Year exhibit soars.  By Mary Thomas / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.  October 21, 2004  Click Here

ÆQAI.  Mediating Matrices and Meditations on a New Media: Built in the Digital World.  Click Here

Built in the Digital World  Click Here