Two figures standing in water up to their chest
Adulting Animation (In Progress)
Snob Bog
2 gestural figures, one blue, one green on a yellow ground
X = 10. 2018 (Animation)
Gray Elegy, two dark figures inter twined against a gray sky.
Gray Elegy, 2015 (Animation)
A green woman with yellow hair looks at a large red lipstick shaped object.
Today’s Piece, 2014 (Book Project)
a pink shape with arms holds a furry object.
Presences, 2013 (Animation)
A character with large ears and sphincter mouth wearing a Michael Jackson coat and a pink jock strap dances in a dark environment.
End of Code, 2009 (Animation)
An androgynous character in red platform shoes looks a a ham on a conveyor belt in front of a large pile of hundreds of hams
Oral Fixations, 2005 (Animation Installation)
An electric pink horse licks at red berries while a bird watches.
Tender Bodies, 2003 (Animation)
a yellow figure watches a snake like character with a vase on its head dance.
Cultural Tourism, 1998 (web project)
absolut vodka bottle
Absolut Vodka, 1997 (web project)
A cat sits in a foggy landscape surrounded by money.
Law of Averages, 1996 (Animation)
A 2d graphic of a dog wearing a spiked collar seen through a window.
Maxwell’s Demon, 1990 (Animation)
A green figure offers tea to a figure with its head on the table. An image of Nefertiti hangs on the wall behind them.
Tugging the Worm, 1987 (Animation)
A long necked figure has its head in a fish bowl kissing a green fish.
Impetigo, 1983 (Animation)