Production Credits End of Code

An Animation by James Duesing

Creative and Technical Collaborator – Jessica Hodgins

Modeling and Rigging – Leonardo Covarrubias, Bum Lee

Mapping – Yan Qin

Animation and rendering – Michael Mallis

Cloth and additional Animation – James Chan, Elizabeth Liu, Leonardo Covarrubias

Additional Models – Ji Soo Kim

Voice Recording – Richard Mason, Riccardo Schulz

Voices – Peter Cohen, Tim Haggerty, Jessica Hodgins, Ayanah Moor, Jeff Sposato, Hyla Willis, Michelle Wong, Jimmy Dee

Sound Design and Mix – John McDaniel, Sonic Arts, Cincinnati, OH

Music – David Morrison

Carnegie Mellon University Motion Capture Studio – Jessica Hodgins, Justin Macey, Moshe Mahler, Ronit Slyper

Motion Capture Actors – Jarid Faubel, Jonathan Freeman, Bum Lee, Emily Rossell

Produced at the STUDIO for Creative Inquiry

Carnegie Mellon University

– Marge Myers, Jennifer Brodt, Luis Rico Gutierrez (Chair, STUDIO Steering Committee), Ramesh Krishnamurti (Director), Golan Levin (Director)

Funding: The National Endowment for the Arts, The Fine Foundation, The Berkman Faculty Development fund

Additional thanks to the following for their support and help with this project

– Terry Hritz , Max Kaufmann, Elyse Kelly, Bob Kollar, Wayne Savage, Natalie Shirer, Susanne Slavick, Mary Smith, Shylah Thurman, Jennifer Turken, Sandye Utley