End of Code Script

Chapter Breakdown

Revised September 24, 2006

CHAPTER 1 (track 1)

Linear forms of Light begin to enter a black screen and begin to form what could be a satellite view of traffic. The light forms begin jamming up and form the words END OF CODE. The sound begins with single notes being played on a piano when the lights have jammed up the piano note begins to sound like a car horn. The camera pulls out a bit and moves down revealing a brain that has a mouth in the middle of it. The brain is named Chastity. She is the leader of the “lowFlowers” a group of activist. During the camera move the sound changes and it becomes apparent that the brain is sleeping and the bubbles are coming from Chastity’s snoring. With a snort Chastity is suddenly awake and starts speaking excitedly as if she was still half in a dream.

Chastity: Ladies of the auxiliary! We must Divide the Question with a Point of Privilege according to the Orders of the Day!

The camera pulls out to reveal a room with a computer, various pieces of electronic equipment and a projection screen. There are two other characters in the room. Pet is an upbeat administrator who has a large protruding tooth. Tempty is a technician who is made up of several rolls. The two are working with their backs toward Chastity. They both look around when Chastity starts talking.

Pet: Oh you’re back. Our by-laws require we recite the pledge before a summit starts, Ms or Mr. chairperson.

Pet pushes a button and a musical jingle begins to play out of a speaker on the wall.

Pet’s cell phone rings and she pushes the button again to stop the music.

Pet (looking at the cell phone): Oh what a delight.

Pet opens her cell phone and Eeek a bat like character emerges to her waist from the earpiece.

Eeek: I needed you to know I am multi tasking and can’t be there for the pledge but I don’t expect you to make any decisions. I.”

Eeek goes back into the phone as Pet closes it

Pet: Thank you for your participation.

Tempty pushes the button again and the jingle starts. The lowFlowers put their hands over their hearts and recite to the music:

I will be light and fluffy

I will be value added

I will be crisp on the outside yet tender in the middle

And I will be 25% larger at no extra cost.

lowFlowers forever

Chastity: As we begin this summit let’s focus on Total Quality Management, our goal is to gain control of all traffic systems in the universe.

Tempty: Let’s keep it in this town. There seem to be coded signals guarding the signal code.

Chastity: Yes! We need more opinion polls, go to the market research window and ask the first person who comes up about…their inner life.

Pet pushes a button to turn on the screen in the room. Through it they can see into the cars of people stopped in traffic. The first car has three characters in it, two large and one small with protest signs in the back.

CHAPTER 2 (track 2)

Two large characters (speaking together): We want peace! And we want justice!

Small character: And we want a little thing to put our stuff in!

CHAPTER 3 (track 3)

Chastity (sarcastic ): How cute, people who think painting a sign will change the world are destined to spend their life at stoplights. Change the channel.

The channel changes and we are looking into the car of another character that is middle age and a bit dowdy.

Chastity: You there! Do you have a rich chocolaty secret that warms your heart and soul in that place you call home?

Dowdy Character: Not really, I’m just waiting for aliens to come for me. They want to mate with me to start a new race and I will live with them on their space ship where all the appliances are white, modern and built-in.

The traffic begins to move on the screen.

CHAPTER 4 (track 4)

Tempty: Excellent! Belief aliens just got that light to change — I think.

There is a knock at the door.

Chastity: Come in, we support bringing the exterior into the interior.

Pseudo, an elaborate character that has no arms but is heavily made-up with long eyelashes and lips enters.

Pseudo: Hello, I was told you might be looking for volunteers to help on a project.

Chastity: Come in sister, we welcome all genetically altered mutations.

Pseudo: I’m not a genetic mutation – my look was a cosmetic decision – who knew that the streamlined armless look was only going to last, like, a twenty minutes back in the 80’s.

I can type up to fifty words an hour with my tongue.

As Pseudo flicks her tongue the room turns around and the camera is just outside the door.

CHAPTER 5 (track 5)

Pet and Tempty are standing taking a break, Tempty is smoking. Pseudo walks out the door.

Tempty: Welcome to the smokers Diaspora. Do you need a light?

Pseudo (continues walking): No thank you, I have to rest my tongue.

Pet: That new girl… prolonged exposure may cause dry mouth, minor diarrhea, stomach cramping or festering irritation.

Tempty: She certainly doesn’t smell like a delicate alternative to soap.

Pet (eying Pseudo): “She smells like meat. Man-meat.”

The scene turns and follows Pseudo. The scene becomes the Hacksters Headquarters.

CHAPTER 6 Mask Effect

Pseudo begins tugging at her head, it is a rubber mask that comes off and reveals Mr. Ham, a character that looks like Ham.

CHAPTER 7 (track 6)

The room has a prominent thermometer with dials that are labeled “Global Surface Temperature.” The gauge has 15° C and 59° F and comfort zone written on it. There is a bank of monitors, one has an abstract representation of traffic on it the other is a video monitor that is showing a view into the lowFlowers headquarters. There is another character in the room. Mr. Aerien is looking at the monitor and working on a computer. He looks at the screen through most of the conversation.

Mr. Ham: I don’t think they are trying to launch a satellite. Their technology seems to be some sort of two-way mobile video device.

Mr. Aerien: You’re so smart.

They kiss.

Mr. Ham: I expected to get the bug better positioned, but I should have practiced doing it with my tongue.

Mr. Aerien: Expectation is premeditated resentment.

They kiss.

Mr. Ham: It’s time for our show.

On one of the screens a program comes on called “Boy-Girl of the Week” there is a headshot of an androgynous character.

CHAPTER 8 (track 7)

Boy-Girl: I’m mad, I’m angry and I have issues!

The screen turns off.

CHAPTER 9 (track 8)

Mr. Ham: I can really relate to that show.

Mr. Aerien: Anger is failed situational management

Mr. Ham: You are so right.

They kiss.

As they are kissing another character walks in the room

Mr. Petunia comes in picking his nose and then puts his finger in his mouth.

Mr. Ham and Mr. Aerien: Oouh!?

Mr. Petunia: If we are going to address what to do about the amount of Carbon in the Atmosphere we will have to think about how to recycle it

Mr. Ham: We need younger people in our ranks. Puberty knocks all the mental malleability out of you. There are a few spurts of ingenuity after that but it’s mostly about sex and money until you are too old to be of any use.

Mr. Aerien: Adoration of youth promotes cultural impoverishment.

Mr. Ham: No it doesn’t, every one appreciates the sleek lines of highly processed and polished metals.

Mr. Petunia: What other place could make the consumption and destruction of natural resources seem so erotic

Mr. Aerien: The world is a beautiful place.

He briefly lifts off his seat and spins around with a swirl of plants, flowers and small animals

CHAPTER 10 (track 9)

Mr. Ham: How would you know you sit in front of a monitor all day!

Mr. Aerien: And everything I see is beautiful.

They kiss

Mr. Petunia: This isn’t getting us any closer to the code that will let us control traffic.

Mr. Aerien: Yes it is, we have a camera in the lowFlowers clubhouse. They had a break through that all our social codes are embedded in the code that controls the traffic lights.

Mr. Ham: So we will be able to get access before them.

Mr. Aerien: (pointing to the monitor) See.

Mr. Petunia: The lowFlowers are distracted and can’t see the importance of the mundane.


There is a transition into the monitor as part of the transition there is a series of close-ups mundane acts, pouring coffee, pulling a weed, taking clothes off of a clothesline.

CHAPTER 12 (track 10)

Ultimately the scene moves into the monitor and parts of the lowFlowers clubhouse morph out of the Hacksters headquarters. Pet walks in during the transition.

Chastity: I’m not interested in honest reporting. We only want news that reinforces our worldview. Pet, dear, could you please focus that monitor?

Pet turns a knob but the image becomes more abstract.

Chastity: Oh, that’s just great.

CHAPTER 13 (track 11)

On screen there is a driver and a kid, the kid has a spike-like horn coming out of his forehead and is stabbing it into the dashboard.

Driver #1: Some times I wish you had been born inside out.

The camera pans several cars stopped in traffic, each driver speaks:

Driver #2: I am soooooo lost.

Driver #3: I’m built for duration not speed.

Driver #4: Don’t deny the power of Modernism

CHAPTER 14 (track 12)

Pet’s cell phone rings and Eeek jumps out.

Eeek: Ladies of the assembly, please remember to synchronize your body cycles to mine…I.

Chastity: Tell her I’m on the toilet. And than I have to do a little face time with the folks on c-level with a helicopter view on how to monetize my mindshare!

Eeek: I can see where you are, don’t forget that I am senior Faculty and you better appreciate my many anonymous contributions! I.

Pet: (rolls eyes) Okey-Dokey”

She closes the phone.

Pet: Poor dear

There is a sudden explosion on the screen.

Chastity: No one wants to see that! Consider our audience.

Pet holds a puppy that also looks a bit like a baby in front of the screen.

Chastity: That is so much better, isn’t she cute!

Tempty: Actually I’m almost there, but I detect a lack of regret in my special sauce

The channel changes there is a row of traffic

CHAPTER 15 (track 13)

Driver 5: I drive because I feel like I should, not because I want to.

Driver 6: I am haunted by past that is completely lack luster. Look at what I am dealing with.

The character opens its head and there are images of:


straightening a tie, and


the character sitting on a couch in an outer office.

CHAPTER 18 (track 14)

A car with three characters in the front seat drives by the driver and the character at the window are talking on the phone (apparently to each other)

Driver 7: (on the phone) I don’t want to talk to you because you are Greek!

Passenger: (on the phone) And I don’t want to talk to you because you’re Italian!

Geortha: What’s the difference you’re both uncircumcised!

They both hang up.

Geortha: Who were you talking to?

Driver 7: No one important.

Passenger: (at the same time) None of your business.

Geortha: Wait, stop the car, this is were I get out.

Geortha crawls out the window of the truck into the window of the car next to it on the road.

Driver 7: (as middle passenger is crawling) Stop? This traffic isn’t moving.

Driver 8: You think you are so smart! Name the most precious resource in the world!

Geortha: It’s children. Children are our most precious resource!

Driver 8: Wrong! It’s water! What are we going to drink when the earth dries up? Bottled Children!

Geortha continues crawling out the driver’s window into the car next to it.

Driver 9: Marriage allowed me to understand the homosexual. If men want to have that much sex they should just have it with each other.

Gerotha crawls out the driver’s window and into the window of the Hacksters headquarters.

CHAPTER 19 Mask Effect

Geortha begins tugging at its head, which is a mask and turns out to be Mr Ham in disguise.

CHAPTER 20 (track 15)

Mr. Ham: I think I should quit hacking and become a famous actor.

Mr. Aerien: Actor’s bodies are commodities and absolute physical perfection is expected along with full frontal nudity.

Mr. Ham: I could do that.

They kiss.

The camera reveals Mr. Petunia doing a complicated dance move.

Mr. Ham: What are you doing?

Mr. Petunia: I’m showing off my technical skills.

Mr. Aerien: At the end of the day, Step One is protection and Step Two is performance,

Mr. Petunia: You better drink the Kool-Aid and keep an eye on that monitor, otherwise those lowFlowers are going to leap frog over your hairy back.

CHAPTER 20 continues (Hacksters) CHAPTER 21 begins (lowFlowers) (track 16)

The three Hacksters look at the monitor and the LowFlowers are gathering for what looks like an all-out attempt to break into the traffic system. The camera moves so that the viewer can see the Hacksters and the lowFlowers in the same shot.

Chastity: Ladies of the cabal, it is time to see just who has the brightest smile and the freshest breath.

Tempty: I am minty fresh with a twist of lime, and with the final part of the code and we will never have to wait at a stoplight again.

Together both the lowFlowers and the Hacksters begin throwing out lines that might be part of the code. Both Tempty and Mr. Aerien are typing frantically as lines and punctuation are spoken and are percussively delivered.

Chastity: If they are too pretty to let leave and you are too lonely to be alone:*

Mr Petunia: then MicroSmart became MicroStupid~/

Chastity: Therefore they don’t realize they need liberation by any means necessary:/

Mr Aerien: When you want a burger that’s bigger than your bun~/~

Pet: If you prefer to go out for ice cream because you enjoy fresh dairy air*.*

Mr Petunia: When it looks real, it smells real and it even tastes real

Tempty: Therefore love and a shared bank account combine to equal jaded resentment*~/

Mr Ham: If the amount of brain cells you blew away in college are = or > the amount of ozone your car rips through */

Eeek: When Charity is fulfilling because the needy make unique and affordable craft items /////

Mr Petunia: When a man spends three sentences or three minutes and does not mention a woman~/*

Chastity: Therefore you appreciate anything antique, unless it is made of flesh//~~/

Tempty and Mr. Aerien (together): That’s It!

There is the sound of an extensive series of car crashes. All the characters are knocked to the floor.

The Hacksters monitor that represents traffic shows a hot ball of white stuff in the center that keeps attracting more little pieces of white stuff.

CHAPTER 22 (track 17)

At the lowFlowers.

Chastity: Was that the sound of rose petals falling on crisp linen summer sheets?

Turn on the screen. Let’s enjoy a little rush of power.

Tempty: I don’t think…

The screen opens and there are bodies pressed up against it, all crawling different directions and trying to feel their way.

Chastity: Oh my, what a mess,

The phone rings and Eeek pops out

Eeek: My irreplaceable collection of Happy Meal containers was in the yard. I.

Pet: Oh dear.

Chastity: Hang her up. Do you have plans for that satellite handy? We need to revisit our idea to control outer space.

CHAPTER 23 (track 18)

The scene becomes the Hacksters. The three Hacksters are scratching their heads looking at the monitors.

Mr. Petunia: I told you that the mundane is the most important part of the code and you left it out.

Mr. Ham: But the mundane doesn’t fit into our meta-narrative.

Mr. Aerien: Our meta-narrative is the way we construct an understanding of life based on significant moments and established ceremonies and rituals.

Mr. Petunia: Well, you see where that got us.

They kiss.