Impetigo Script

James Duesing 1982

The look of the animation is mostly monochromatic shades of muted red.

A series of search lights sweep across a desolate space revealing the title.

Search lights continue to sweep the environment until a light shines directly toward the camera.

A bright green fish swims in the white screen. The fish gets closer to the camera and the camera goes into its eye revealing a road in the desert.

The camera travels down the road to the sound of a car. It passes signs and ends at a house.

A character in a hat and a coat gets out of the car and walks into the house. When inside He drops his coat and reveals that he is a birdlike character named Zeke.

Zeke walks to the bright green fish in a bowl.

Zeke: Hello Fish.

They kiss.

Zeke: Here’s the salami you wanted.

He drops a slice of salami in the water. Zeke goes to the window where there is an erupting volcano outside.

Zeke: This weather.

Zeke turns on the TV. There is an image of a man on the screen.

Announcer: Hello, I’m your mother’s lover. Welcome to more vulgar modernism.

The channel changes to a hospital room with a woman in a fur coat talking to a man dressed as a model in front of a bedridden character.

Woman: But she’s your child too!

The channel changes to a second woman’s face with hair blowing in the wind.

Woman 2: Oh Dick.

The channel changes to a man being choked and held as gun point by a masked man.

There is a knock on the door,

Zeke: Just a minute.

Zeke opens the door. Flake a robot is at the door.

Zeke: Hi Flake.

Flake: Hi Zeke. I’m going for a walk on the Rotory. Do you want to come?

Zeke: Sure, just let me get a wrap.

The chair becomes a balloon the floats down and becomes the hat and the coat. Zeke puts it on and regains a human form.

Zeke (to Fish): I’ll be back, I’m going for some exercise.

The scene becomes a large rotor that the two walk on.

Flake: What are you doing tonight?

Zeke: I don’t know, Fish wants to go to a movie.

Flake: Well, I think I’m going to do something a little bit more danceable.

Zeke: Let’s get off this thing. I go in enough circles.

The scene becomes a desert landscape as they walk and they pass a barbed wire fence that has a bird impaled on it.

Flake: At first I thought the whole relationship was kind of tawdry, but now it seems so elegant.

Zeke: How much stupidity can a person squeeze into a lifetime. Sometimes I think I should just flush…

Flake: Don’t worry about it, you can go pretty far by just staying put. Besides, Fish needs you.

Zeke: I’m just not sure who possesses who.

A shadow passes of a figure lighting a cigarette.

Flake: If you two split, throw that amphibian my way. (Laughs) True story! Listen, I gotta’ go. See you later.

A helicopter with a search light passes. Zeke stands and faces it. As he does the viewer can see the figure of a bird crunched up inside the coat.

Zeke: Oh what a world, what a big dumb world.

Zeke passes a three legged dog that begins to follow him.

Zeke: Gimp dog.

Dog: Bark.

Zeke approaches a sculpture/light fixture on the road and puts a coin it. The sculpture has a screen it its hand and raises it to Zeke’s face. On the screen two figures are having an argument/discussion.

Woman: Oh, this is impossible! Stop it! It’s impossible, impossible, impossible, impossible….

Man: Honey, you are living in a cartoon.

Woman: It’s impossible, impossible. What? Yea. No. What?

The screen goes black with the text: GO IN PEACE.

Zeke takes off his coat as the dog barks. He flies over the town into the distance. Then fish swims toward the camera. The camera pulls back revealing fish in the bowl looking at the door. After the credits appear on the door it opens and Zeke is standing in the doorway.

Zeke: I’m home.