Final Script, 1987-90, James Duesing

The camera travels by air through a desert-like environment coming down on a lake that is oddly colored by pollution and surrounded by buildings that look like early industrial-age factories which have been converted to living and shopping sectors. The camera goes through a gateway to the city that has a sign on it, which says, WELCOME TO LORADO, A SOCIETY OF WINNERS. The camera continues to the lake and goes into a shaft under the lake where Fashionette is board sitting at her catacomb-shanty of a souvenir stand. The stand has Frisbees, Hula-hoops, Slinkies and tee shirts that have slogans on them that say things like “So What”.

As Fashionette is sitting there tapping her fingers she has a vision of herself as a young child. She is sitting on her mother’s lap, her mother is using an abacus, moving the beads back and forth she is saying:

Mother: 48 backwards is 84. 48 halved is is 24, 48 sideways is 56. Outside the city hall two men sit waiting for the bus, a young girl picks 36 because it is the luckiest of all numbers.

Young Fashionette: Mommy, how come Daddy doesn’t talk to people?

Mother: It wasn’t always like this, when I first met him he was completely orally fixated, and I loved him for it.

Woman: Excuse me, but I have to look up Emily Post on how to get rid of an unwanted guest.

Ra: Fashionette, that music is known to cause serious damage to my breed.

Ra starts dancing on the wheel.

Fashionette: Oh Ra, you became the music.

A being is walking by smoking a cigarette. He stands smoking and watches as the background becomes Fashionettes apartment. She is dancing to a scratchy record, when it ends she walks over and starts it again. Ra, her boyfriend, is by the window walking on the tread.

Being: (exhaling smoke) Fashionette, that filly is the secret dream of every stallion who sets foot in Lorado. (Throws a pack of matches on the table)

The setting becomes the souvenir stand, Fashionette is petting Ra and Ra is petting the fish inside the bowl.

Ra: You know, this fish is about at the end of its rope. It’s the last of its species and they are supposed to live in real water.

Psudo comes in the store during her dialogue the camera zooms in on the fish that is miserable in the chemicals, it looks around while no one is watching it commits suicide by jumping out of the bowl.

Psudo: You-who, excuse me, do you have any extra-marital gel and plastic love memory?

Fashionette: No we don’t carry that, we have frisbees and tee shirts and stuff though.

Psudo: Well thank you but I was looking for the gel and the memory for my hands, you don’t know where I could find some do you.

Fashionette: You could try Maxwell’s he seems to be able to get everything in stock.

Psudo: Thank you.

Ra: Fashionette why is the fish laying on the table?

As they look at the bowl in horror the scene abruptly metamorphosises into Maxwells Boutique, which is above ground. There is a dog chained outside the window.

Dog: Ah get out of here get out of here get out of here, this is my space, I take a leak here and it’s mine, get out of here get out of here get out of here get out of here!

Maxwell: Hey shut up out there, do you have to tell the whole neighborhood every time you go to the bathroom!

Dog: Ah shut up yourself, you’re the one who’s got me chained up out here!

Maxwell: That’s the way I like it pooch dog! That’s the way you deserve it!

Dog: Yea, well I’m just tired of the whole world invading my privacy!

Maxwell turns around from the window calmly. There are two customers in the store.

Maxwell: Devil, could you take these two boys upstairs and show them the antiques, they aren’t interested in the mod clothes.

Devil: Certainly Maxie.

Fashionette comes running in to the boutique through the sounds of dog barks holding the fish in her hand. The door slams and a bell rings.

Maxwell: Hello, are you interested in something particular today or just browsing?

Dog: Who is it, what is that?

Fashionette: (showing him the fish) Look at this!

Maxwell: Hum, a tasty morsel I’ll give you a penny for it. (aside) Devil, this is mine and it’s for sale.

Fashionette: What! This is my friend!

Maxwell: Now you know god gave man dominion over the fishes in the sea. Why don’t you try on one of these Cum-buy-ya hats, it’ll make you feel a hundred percent better, and besides they’re going to be the rage with the tribe this year.

Fashionette: I don’t want to try on your Cum-buy-ya hat, we were once a proud of the things we made, we were Producers, now look what you’ve done to that lake. It’s killing my friends!

Maxwell: That lake is a regular road side attraction and I ain’t doing nothing to it, you’re the one who’s got the neighbors complaining about the music. I sell quality souvineers to systems analysts.

Maxwell: That’s a fine antique there girl, but you know matches have been illegal since that lake started generating heat.

Fashionette: I’m going to lean out this window and see what happens to that lake with these antiques!

Maxwell: Settle down girl, you’re going a hundred and fifty miles an hour and I’m only going a hundred and five.

Maxwell:(quietly to Devil so that Fashionette cannot hear him)Devil, would you fetch Fashionettes little friend Ra and put him on a boat in the middle of that lake.

Devil: Oh, certainly Maxie, it is always such a pleasure to do anything for you.

Fashionette watches as Devil flies and picks up Ra and then ties him to a buoy that is swaying back and forth in the lake.

(Ra makes struggling sounds)

Ra: I wish I had an ice cube or at least a damp rag.

Flames overtake the image.

Flames: Every one in this story is really frightening but they usually act a lot more chummy.

Fashionette breaks through the flames running on the chunks of muck to get to Ra. She runs faster and faster and metamorphosizes into a winged animal amidst the flame and light. Ra is spinning around like a lighthouse on the buoy surrounded by flames

Fashionette: Hold on! Hold on Ra!

They fly together to a cliff overlooking the flaming lake.

Fashionette: When that lake-bed cools down, we can build a house right in the center of it with a sound system and room just for dancing. Won’t that be great?

Ra: Yea that’ll be great Fashionette.

Fashionette: How long do you think it’ll take for this thing to burn itself out?

Ra: What do I look like Fashionette, an expert on chemical fires.