Tender Bodies

JAMES DUESING, © 2003, 8 Min. Computer Animation

Tender Bodies is a 3-D computer animation that uses the logic of computer games to collapse and reconstruct narrative space. Narrative scenes are connected through a constantly shifting environment of bridges and tunnels. The inhabitants of this landscape are genetically or cosmetically altered. They like to eat and go to parties and experiment on things they don’t understand.

The narrative in the animation involves a number of characters. Kisser is a carnivore that enjoys the act of seduction and consumption. Other is a stranger that is chased down and sold for experimentation since it is too unusual to eat. Faun is a botched genetic experiment, a gene spliced attempt to make a unicorn that resulted in a world-weary solitary figure. These characters live in a wordless environment. They have limited interaction with each other and try to avoid interaction completely. However sometimes the three-dimensional space collapses upon itself and they find themselves face to face.


Tender Bodies was produced using Maya 3D software.

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