Character List

Tender Bodies


1.  Other

2.  Kisser

3.  A Carnivorous Bird-like Creature

4.  Faun.  A delicate but muscular four-legged creature with translucent skin through which a heart can be seen beating.

5.  A Character with A Camera

6.  The Chef

7.  A Woman Sitting Unconscious.  She is wearing a beret. Her head is nodding with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth.

8.  A Small Character Looking at the Cake

9.  A Large Intimidating Character

10.  A Pet Poodle

11.  Lizard


12.  The Host

13.  A Character with a Magnifying Glass

A Character with a Magnifying Glass

14.  A Cat

A Cat

15.  A Figure in the Bushes

A Figure in the Bushes