Tugging The Worm

Produced by James Duesing, © 1987, Color, 9 minutes

Tugging the Worm is an allegorical film that takes place in a utopian society which has faced the prospect that complete annihilation is an ever present possibility. Cork, an innocent bird-like creature, in a militaristic world that is dominated by high fasion and flashy billboards is befriended by the not too trustworthy bad boy named Vouku. Vouku’s tendency toward violent entertainment and vehicular homicide only serve to increase Cork’s angst. After a trip to the game their attitudes are changed by a vision of angels dancing at a ho-down on the head of a needle.

Tugging the Worm is an animation which is made up of 3500 drawings with pencil, pen and chalk on paper. The completed piece took approximately four years and a lot of Prismacolors to complete.

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