1983 – 1987, James Duesing

MAN: Get me out, I have to get out!

HORSE: Go that way, leave everything behind and go.

MAN: Get me out, get me out, out, out, out, out, out…..

CORK: I think I could like this place.

JUDGE: Pull yourself together honey.

POETRY: Hey kid, close that door. Come here. You shouldn’t go opening doors indiscriminately around here.

What’s your name?

CORK: Cork, what’s yours?

POETRY: People call me Poetry, you have beautiful wings Cork.

CORK: I’m sorry, but there’s this fat boring smalltown girl, I’ve been dating since I was 17, I just can’t do this.

Poetry: Have some sympathy, my mates been on a period for three years, It ain’t normal!

MATE: What do you know about it! Some species have periods that last thirty years.

POETRY: You are crazy, that’s impossible.

CORK: I guess I’ll be taking off now.

MATE: I thought that was going to be our servant.

POETRY: Shut up!

PUPPET NARRATOR: Monday’s child is fair of face

Tuesday’s child is full of grace

Wednesday’s child does the watusi

Thursday’s child watches I Love Lucy

Friday’s Child lives alone with a telephone, in a room straddling a garbage can to look in your window to see your eyes bruised with your mouth ripped

And Saturday, Saturday,

There is no work there are no children on Saturday, Saturday picnics and flying kites in the park

Saturday Saturday Saturday Saturday …..

LITTLE HUMAN: (Simultaneously) This is a mistake! What are you doing to me! Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, Oh Daddy….

VOUKU: This guy’s pretty entertaining isn’t he?

CORK: Yea, I guess that’s what it is, say, do you know where I can get something to eat around here?

VOUKU: I was just going to get something myself, do you want to come along?

VOUKU: Hey let’s nail this guy.

VOUKU: laughs

CORK: vomits

VOUKU: Here drink this it’ll calm ya down, it’ll calm ya.

CORK: What is this?!

VOUKU: It’s perfectly legal, if you drink enough of that stuff you see yourself at the end of the world.

CORK: I just can’t seem to escape all this violence, I didn’t do anything… you know in grade school they taught us that every person had one thing they could do better than any one else, and that was what important about being an individual.

VOUKU: I’ve never met someone who I have so much in common with.

CORK: Stop that.

VOUKU: This is one way to fight boredom… Oh Cork.

CORK: Put me back!

VOUKU: Let’s go, hey lets go gaming.

VOUKU: Oh man, I wish you’d taken better care of this while you had it.

PSSUDO: Why Vouku, are you still hanging out at this decadent Cathode?

VOUKU: I’m afraid so, what are you doing Pusdo, going to the beauty shop?

PSUDO: Yea, well Mr. Monkey Suit says he’s going to give me a totally new image, which is something you should have considered long ago.

VOUKU: Hey if you’d only given me a little support once in awhile instead of always being so selfish and not caring about my projects….

PSUDO: Vouku, that kind of logic goes both ways, but you’re the one who was too selfish to see it.

VOUKU: We shouldn’t fight, listen i was good seeing you again Psudo, this is my friend Cork.


PSUDO: Hi Cork. Well I have to be going, take care of yourself.

VOUKU: Lets play this one.


CORK: (Laughs)

VOUKU: I know, I know.

CORK: (Laughs)

VOUKU: (Laughs)

CORK: I’m glad there are people around to do things like this with.

VOUKU: Here I’m gonna’ let you have this, now look close and you can see how angels dance on the head of that needle.